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Bal Vidya and Yashwanti Mall Vidya

Bal Vidya and Yashwanti Mall Vidya
Param Poojya Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu is himself an exponent of the ancient Indian Martial Arts (Bal Vidya) such as Mudgal Vidya, Ashva Vidya, Surtabhedan Vidya and Yashwanti Malla Vidya, to name a few. 

Param Poojya Bapu believes that the energy acquired through these Vidyas can bring about major positive changes in the world. During ancient times, India was known and valued for its physical and mental health, to which the comprehensive study and judicious practice of these Vidyas made a significant contribution. 

With the purpose of bringing back the bygone golden era and to make his devotees stronge and self-reliant, Param Poojya Bapu has personally trained the Pratham Acharya in these ancient martial arts. The Pratham Acharya now trains subsequent batches of dedicated volunteers.

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