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Ganderbal Thang-Ta championship concludes

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Srinagar, May 13: The District Ganderbal Thang-Ta championship organised by District Ganderbal Thang-Ta Association concluded at Vijay Memorial Educational Institute on Saturday.

 On the concluding day competitions of both boys and girls section in all age and weight categories were held.

 The Superintendent of Police, Ganderbal, Shahid Mehraj was chief guest on the occasion and distributed prizes among the winners.

 The event was held under the auspices of J&K Thang-Ta Association and was sponsored by J&K State Sports Council.

Thang Ta association postpones belt grading exams

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Rising Kashmir News
Srinagar, May 15:Jammu and Kashmir Thang-Ta Association has postponed its Thang-Ta belt grading examination, which would now be conducted on May 20 at Islamia Collage Hawal Srinagar.

According to the handout issued here, the event was scheduled to be held on May 13 and 14.

All of the instructors have been asked to be present at the event on the new dates now. Also, the interested players and trainees throughout the valley can participate in the said event.

However, the participants must have one year experience in Thang-Ta Martial Arts. Handout reads that the trainees should contact their Instructors for their participation in the event.

The instructors who will fail to participate in event will not be permitted to run their Thang-Ta coaching class in the State.

State level Thang-Ta Championship in Tripura

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Source: Hueiyen News Service
Imphal, June 02 2012: The All Tripura Thang-Ta Association will be organising the 19th Tripura State Level Thang-Ta Championship at Kanchanpur, North Tripura from June 12 to 15 .

Around 125 selected players of Thang-Ta from the Sub-Divisions of Dharmanagar, Kailashahar, Kamalpur, Kanchanpur, Bishalgarh, Agartala, Khowai, Pacharthal will be participating in the meet.

Winners will be sent to participate in the 19th National Thang-Ta Championship at Srinagar, Kashmir which will be held from September 6 to 10 .


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15 Assam Rifles of 9 Sector under HQ IGAR (S) alongwith (APMARDS) Association for Paona Memorial Arts and Rural Development Service at Wangkhem has organised a closing ceremony for training cum festival of THANG-TA on 03 Jun 2012. Shri S Videswor Sharma, Secretary, Manipur State Kala Academy, Imphal and Padmashri G Gourakishor Sharma were the Guest of Honour. The event emphasized upon the importance of reaching out to the populace, such events organised at regular interval will help in generating positive response from the youth towards the noble activities undertaken by Assam Rifles. Prizes and certificates for good performance were also distributed by the Chief guest. Various forms of indigenous martial arts, classical Solo Dance “Sasha Avatar” were also performed by the participants. Such events organized at regular intervals will help in generating positive response from the youth towards the development of society.

Thang-Ta training cum festival at Wangkhem

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Imphal, June 04 2012: The valedictory function of the training cum festival of Thang-ta was held yesterday at Wangkhem, a statement of the PRO of IGAR (S) informed.

The event organised jointly by the15 Assam Rifles of 9 Sector under IGAR (S) along with Association for Paona Memorial Arts and Rural Development Service (APMARDS), was attended by S Videshwor Sharma, secretary of MSKA, Imphal and Padmashri G Gourakishore Sharma as the guests of honour.

The event emphasised on the importance of reaching out to the populace, it stated.

Prizes and certificates for good performance were also distributed by the chief guest while various forms of indigenous martial arts, classical solo dance 'Shasha Avatar' were performed by the participants.

Such events organised at regular intervals would help in generating positive response from the youth towards the development of society, it stated.

Budgam Thang-Ta 'ship concludes

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Srinagar, May 30: The District Budgam Thang-Ta championship organised by District Thang-Ta Association concluded at Sir Syed Model School, Palapora, Budgam on Wednesday.

 In the event around 200 players participated. Manager Budgam stadium, J&K State Sports Council, Sheikh Tulal was chief guest on the occasion and distributed prizes among the winners.

 In sub-junior girls 29 kilogram category, Zainab Yaseen, Insha Hamid and Zeenat Zahoor bagged first three positions respectively while in sub-junior girls 33-kilogram, Sumaira, Mahak Nabi and Muzamil Majeed secured the first three positions respectively. In the sub-junior girls 37-kilogram category Danishta Bashir, Moiza Batool and Fancy Jan bagged first three places respectively.

 In sub-junior boys 29-kilogram category Essa Mohi-ud-din, Hanan Bashir and Zahoor Rasool bagged first, second and third positions respectively while in sub-junior boys -33 kilogram category Zameer, Shahid Farooq and Wasem Maqbool bagged the first three positions respectively.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Raw hand-to-hand action USP of 'The Raid - Redemption' (IANS Movie Review - Rating: ***)

Mumbai,Cinema/Showbiz, Fri, 11 May 2012


Film: 'The Raid - Redemption'; Cast: Iko Uwais, Ananda George and Ray Sahetapy; Director: Gareth Evans; Rating: 3/5 
Simplistically speaking, there are two basic types of action films - super technological special effects fare and hand-to-hand physical action. While Hollywood has excelled in the former, the Asian countries have mastered the latter. 
Thus, you have had different stars of the Orient, whose physicality shocked audiences as much as it thrilled them. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and more recently Tony Jaa have been actors born out of that mould. In 2011, another name was added - Iko Uwais, who in this film shows some of the meanest physical moves you would have seen in martial arts cinema history. 
A police SWAT battalion raids a building full of criminals. They get in easily, but once deep inside the building, they realise their guns and grenades are no match for the raw brutality of the inmates, shunting them as they become small fish in a big, piranha infested pond.  
As they fall, one after the other, Rama (Iko) realises he has to literally fight his way out. 
No matter how good the cinematic world gets at special effects wizardry, raw hand-to-hand action will always find favour in the minds of men. While special effects are fantasy, hitting someone with your limbs in well coordinated movements is real and thus stimulates greater vicarious reaction from viewers.
Hence, despite their films being not so great cinematically, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa became popular and it is for the same reason 'The Raid: Redemption', despite lacking a sensible story, plot or characterisation, will work.
Iko, a proponent of the traditional Indonesian martial art Silat, was discovered by Welsh director Gareth Evans while filming -a documentary. Taken over by Iko's charisma and great camera presence, he cast him as the protagonist in 'Merantau'.
'The Raid' is their second film together, which has garnered rave reviews from fans globally, something not seen since Tony Jaa's 'Ong Bak'.
The most important thing in an action film is the action. Director Gareth Evans and action director Iko get that right. That it is peppered with wit, both visual and aural, is an added advantage.
The action sequences are quick and well choreographed. Iko has a natural and graceful flair for action. If he plays his cards right, he will emerge as the next global action superstar.
The main problem with the film is the extra gore. One only wishes it were toned down. But that is perhaps the reason why the film will garner young fans, attuned as they are to this gore and blood in video games.
India not only has a rich history and tradition of martial arts, but it is believed to be their birth place. It has many forms practiced in many corners of the country from the well-known Kalaripayat in Kerala to Thang-Ta in Manipur from Gatkain Punjab to Kuttu Varisai in Tamil Nadu.
Hence, to see a country like Indonesia storm into the world of martial arts cinema with such a delectable fare, should make every Indian jealous. It is time some martial artist and some director take up the martial arts challenge in the country.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

HLTA Samurou tops medal tally with 15 gold in State Thang-Ta Championships

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Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, April 26 2012: As the 23rd State Thang-Ta Championships2012 organised by the Huyel Langlon Thang-Ta Association, Manipur at Khuman Lampak Indoor Stadium entered third day today, Huyen Langlon Thang-Ta Academy (HLTA), Samurou top the meda tally with 15 gold medals.

HLTA, Samurou won 22 medals including 15 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze.

Meitei Nongsha Lallong, Heigrujam with 19 medals which includes 6 gold, 10 silver and 3 bronze was in the second spot while Bal Vidya Mandir, SAI Thoubal was in the third place with 11 medals.

They won 6 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze so far.

The tournament will conclude tomorrow at Khuman Lampak Indoor Stadium.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

unique training programs for speed and quickness

I got a nice article on a website about Speed Training. This will be really nice to see this article on that real website. I am sharing that article with you with all courtesy to the website: 

This section of the website focuses on the key principles of speed training.

What is speed? It is the ability to reach a high velocity of movement in whatever mode of locomotion running, cycling, skating swimming etc (1).

Very often, agility is more relevant to successful sports performance than all-out speed. Agility is the ability to explosively brake, change direction and accelerate again.
Another element of fitness closely related to speed training is speed endurance. Many athletes must maintain a high velocity for longer than 6 seconds or produce repeated sprints with minimal rest periods in between.

The combination of speed, agility and speed endurance an athlete requires is determined by his or her sport. But regardless of the event, there are several modes of training that are integral to developing a fast athlete:

Strength & Power Training
Speed is chiefly determined by the capacity to apply a large amount of force in a short period of time. This is also known as power. Many athletic movements take place in 0.1 to 0.2 seconds but maximal force production takes 0.6 to 0.8 seconds. The athlete who can apply most force in the short period of available time is said to be the most powerful.

Strength training increases maximal force production. Assuming as a result, more force can be produced in the same period of time, strength training alone can increase power. However, it makes more sense to increase both maximal force production andthe rate of force development. This can be achieved through power training. Both strength and power training are integral to improvement of speed.

Speed Training
Practising moving and accelerating faster helps to condition the neuromuscular system to improve the firing patterns of fast twitch muscle fibers. Two variations of basic speed training are assisted and resisted speed training. Assisted training (also called overspeed training helps to improve stride frequency (2,3,4). Resisted speed training helps to improve speed-strength and stride length (2,3,4).

Compare speed training to strength training for a moment. A sport-specific strength training program will first aim to develop basic strength. This is on the premise that a solid base of strength offers greater physical potential to work with when converting it to sport-specific strength later on. Basic speed training along with power training maximises the athletes ability to move rapidly. Agility training helps an athlete to apply their speed to sport-specific scenarios.