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Vajra Mushti - An Indian Ancient Martial Art

The meaning of Vajra Mushti is “Thunderbolt Fist." Vajra Mushti is an ancient Indian martial art considered a unique martial art that combines wrestling, grappling, and striking techniques into one fluid system. 
Vajra Mushti is an Indian form of martial art. This martial art is characterized by grappling and striking attacks aimed at vital pressure points. It also incorporates the use of a small metal weapon, similar to western brass knuckles. In Vajra Mushti a nuckledusters made of animal horns also uses  as a weapon held in the right hand. 
The goal of this indian martial art Vajra Mushti is to immobilize the opponent’s hand holding the knuckle duster.
Vajra Mushti is a no holds barred martial art. A fight is considered over, when one immobilizes the opponent’s knuckleduster
Vajra Mushti is an ancient Indian martial art that dates back to the 5th century CE and is described in the Buddharata Sutra; this material is thought to be based on earlier material used by the Kshatriya warrior caste. The name is derived from Vajra, a religious symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism meaning thunderbolt, and Mushti, meaning closed fist

Training in Vajra Mushti is very intensive. In Vajra Mushti students are taught a variety of striking techniques similar to kung fu, boxing, and karate, and grappling techniques similar to jujitsu, and Vale tudo.

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