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Adithada (More than Kick-Boxing)

Adithada is an Indian 8 limbs Martial Art. You can call it Indian Muay Thai.
I have got some information on it and I am really proud to be share it with you.
I got this from this site:
to courtesy to this site m sharing this information with you, if you wanna know more please be free to check that site.

Adithada (Malayalam :അടി തട , Tamil:அடிதட) ('Adi' means hitting and 'thada' means block) is a martial art that originated from the former Travancore regions in South India. Adithada is similar to Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Karate and is often referred to as the southern style of Kalari Payattu.

Adithada is practiced in southern Kerala, Kanyakumari and northern Sri Lanka. It has both grappling and striking concepts as well as a detailed study of pressure points. Adithada practitioners use bare knuckles, feet, knees, elbows and their foreheads to fight.  

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