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Inbuan Wrestling

I really like this martial arts data base website : With courtesy and respect to this nice website I am sharing some of information I found on this website. If you wanna know more go to this website.

Inuban is a form of wrestling native to the people of Mizoram in India. Inbuan is said to have originated in the village of Dungtland in 1750 A.D. It was recognized as a sport after the Mizo people migrated from Burma to the Lushai Hills.
Inuban involves very strict rules prohibiting kicking, stepping out of the circle and even bending of the knees. The contest is held in a circle 15-16 feet in diameter on carpet or grass. The objective is to lift one’s opponent off his feet while strictly adhering to the rules. The matches are held in three rounds each of 30-60 seconds of duration, the match generally continues till a wrestler either breaks a rule of is lifted off his feet.
Another feature of this form of wrestling is the catch-hold belt worn by the wrestlers around the waist, it has to remain tight all through the game.
A traditional game of the Indian state of Mizoram, Inbuan resembles combat-wrestling. The sport is played in a circle, 15 to 16 feet in diameter, on a carpet or grass. The winner, is the one who succeeds in lifting his opponent off the ground, using strength, skill and rapid movement of the arms and legs. By using the legs, the aim is to loosen the grip of an opponent’s legs or feet, but kicking is prohibited.
The contest is conducted over three rounds, each of 30 to 60 second duration, or till one of the players is lifted off the ground. Stepping outside the ring and bending of knees is not permitted. The belt or catch-hold rope, around the waist, has to remain tight all through the game.

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