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Sarit Sarak

I really like this martial arts data base website : With courtesy and respect to this nice website I am sharing some of information I found on this website. If you wanna know more go to this website.

Sarit Sarak is a form of martial arts, which is relatively unknown outside of its place of origin – the north east Indian state of Manipur. This form of art was much in vogue with the people of Manipur a few generations back. It was taught much for defending rather than attacking.
Sarit-Sarak is an art of bare handed combat emphasizing evasive skills and offensive attack. According to its lore, the Dragon God, Lainingthou Pakhangba, ordered King Mungyamba to kill the demon Moydana of Khagi and taught him the ways of combat and presented him with a special spear and sword for this purpose. A local Indian dance known as the Manipuri also finds its origins with this martial practice.

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