A nice website of Varma Kalai

This is a nice website of Varma Kalai, I don't know about its training but go through this website and tell if you like it.


This is an Art that of the highest level among all Martial/Healing arts. It’s a science of harmony between mind, soul and body. This knowledge it's not only used to afflict injury but also to cure. It’s a unique Neuro Martial Art in warfare practiced to control the enemy without any external injuries and much effort. Varma Kalai is the master of all arts, royal to its name, practiced by special Asaans (super masters) both for healing and selfdefense purposes.

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Madurai Pandian said…
The meaning of Varma Kalai, literally translates as "THE ART OF VITAL POINTS". It is used for Killing (Martial Art - Adi Murai), Healing (Varma Vaithiyam, based on Siddha Vaihiyam) and Vaasi Yoga (The art of Well - Being).
For more information on Varma Kalai, kindly check out adimurai.blogspot.in