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Stretches That Help Avoid Leg Pain

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Many people deal with leg pain because they are constantly using their legs and not exercising them properly. Fortunately, with the right exercise you can actually relieve some of the leg pain that you may be dealing with. This can be a fantastic way to have a brand new outlook on life if you are constantly suffering with any type of leg pain while you walk, sit, or even sleep at night. Certain leg stretches will help work different muscles in the legs, allowing them to move easier when you are walking or going about any particular task in your daily routine.

One leg stretch that you can try actually works the hamstrings, which are located in the back of your thighs. Many people deal with tight hamstrings that may cause lower back problems and horrible leg pain. In some cases, regular hamstring stretching and exercising can relieve charlie horses that you may experience during the day or while sleeping at night. For this particular exercise, you will want to bend your knees and keep your back straight. Gentle stretch down with arms straight out and try to touch the ground. You will feel the back of your thighs tingling as you do this particular stretch. The hamstring stretch will also help to tone the muscles in the thigh area.

Many individuals may also have piriformis pain. The piriformis muscle is located in the glutes and if it is tight, the person may experience pain in the legs and buttocks. In order to have the piriformis muscle stretched and exercised you will want to sit on the edge of a comfortable chair with your back completely straight. Your feet should be resting flat on the floor and your abdomen muscles should be tightened. Lift your right foot and rest its ankle on the left knee. Lower your torso so that you are reaching for the knees and hold this position for about thirty seconds or so. You should only go so far as to feel a little bit of tension in your glutes.

The quadriceps stretch is another one that is fantastic for any type of leg pain. This particular muscle is important to keep exercised because it is responsible for allowing a person to lift their knees. For this stretch, you will want to stand completely straight. Be sure you are near a table or chair and gently rest your right hand onto it. Lift your left knee and hold it in the back of your leg with your hand, touching your thigh, for about thirty seconds. You will want to switch legs and hand positions frequently.

Any one of these stretches can completely transform your life and help relieve and avoid pain in the legs. Whether you're an athlete who needs more flexibility in their legs or you are just someone who wants to be able to walk without feeling so much pain, simple exercises can be done in order to keep the muscles of your thighs and calves healthy.

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