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These are amazing ancient Indian martial arts

These are amazing ancient Indian martial arts

Very few people know that there are many martial arts and dual arts in India, which are found in many different areas. We saw different war and duel arts in different regions, states. There are many of these arts, which became popular in different countries outside India. We gathered information about many such martial arts, war arts and duel arts. All these martial arts have existed in India since ancient times, so you can call them ancient Indian martial arts.

In our search till now, we have found that there are about 17 different types of martial arts and dual fighting arts in India. They are found in different regions of the country with their different characteristics and names.

All these ancient Indian martial arts are listed here:

  1. Adithada
  2. Bothati
  3. Gatka
  4. Inbuan Wrestling
  5. Kallaripayattu 
  6. Kuttu Varisai
  7. Lathi
  8. Mall Yudh
  9. Malyutham
  10. Mukna
  11. Niyudh Kride
  12. Pahalwani
  13. Sarit Sarak
  14. Silambam
  15. Thang Ta
  16. Varma Kalai
  17. Vajra Mushti

All these war and duel arts are found in different states of India. The most famous of these is Kalaripayattu which is found in Kerala. It is considered to be the oldest martial art ever. Kuttu Varisai, Sarit Sarak, Silambam and Varma Kalai also belong to the Southern part of India.

Thang Ta is the art of North East India. In this martial art, swords are used with great beauty. 

Gatka, a martial art associated with Punjab, is also shown to be blindfolded and striking like Thang Ta martial arts. 

Himachal has this kind of art, named Bothati. It is a kind of archery. 

In another part of India, there is an art of self-defense also known as Ahilya. Many such arts are scattered all over India, which is our objective to bring before you. So that those arts do not stop being anonymous.

Additionally, there are so many other ancient Indian martial arts about which we will keep collecting more information for you and keep you informed in this blog magazine.

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